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The famous Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw said “Education is wasted on the young” and he has never said a truer word. Many youngsters go to college for the wrong reasons, to get away from home, to gain independence from their parents and generally to have fun. But years later they may regret they did not work harder at college or perhaps they failed to get the qualification they needed to get their dream job but all is not lost because there are a great number of free online college courses you can study at home and in your own time. This is a godsend to mature students who wish to return to college, perhaps after starting a family, but cannot physically attend in person due to family or job commitments. (more…)

Free Online Certification Courses List

In our age of technology, staying connected has never been easier.  With the booming industry that is the World Wide Web and the mass availability of netbooks, laptops and tablets no longer a thing of the future, learning, studying and even earning a college degree has gotten simpler and more flexible.  Your online work can … Continue reading

How do online classes work?

Online classes have become a very popular way for people to study and receive an education on the Internet. Many colleges and educational institutes have platforms in place that allow course work to be done online. How do online classes work for people seeking a better education? These type of classes tend to work just … Continue reading

Online classes vs traditional classes

The value of an education in today’s society is immeasurable. Most entry level positions require a minimum of an associate degree. The economy has made the job market even more competitive. In efforts to meet the growing demand and get ahead, a college degree is important. However, life gets in the way and as a … Continue reading

Free Online Courses With Certificate of Completion Benefits

If you have some free time on your hands and want to advance your education, it is advisable to enroll in a program that offers free online courses with certificate of completion. When doing so, many people are initially skeptical on whether they are making the correct choice as the concept of online learning has … Continue reading

Free Online College Courses For Credit – Why it free?

The advent of internet technology has allowed many colleges to begin offering more of their courses online.  If you’d like to learning how to enroll in free online college courses for credit, then you will want to carefully research some of the available information out there.  Though the online environment has reduced the cost of … Continue reading